Bar Consulting

Are you about to open your bar and don't know where to start?

Do you have an established bar that is; losing profits, have untrained employees, inventory that's not moving or just need a refresher? 

Then don't worry, contact us today to get professional consultation on your establishment and achieve the profitable bar that you dreamt of. 

What we will provide:

  • Implementation of  pouring policies and procedures. 
  • Organization of alcohol inventory (including wine and beer) verify and match including POS and print
  • Assess non-moving inventory and implement ways of movement 
  • Assist in hiring and training bartenders, retraining the current ones and certifying in TIPs alcohol safety for Maryland, Virginia or DC Certification
  • Increase productivity, improve customer service, design and creation of cocktail menus, seasonal menu rotation
  • Concept/theme development, enhancing ambiance and atmosphere
  • Identification of needs based on customer base

Click here to request a meeting to determine your consultation needs